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Phosphorus runoff from farms now has a solution . . . quasar introduces the PRS (Phosphorus Recovery System) in Ohio's Grand Lake St. Marys watershed on July 28, 2015.
OSU Laboratory Results Prove Phosphorus Removal - see the lab report
Wooster, Ohio: Virtually tour the Utility of the Future in action. quasar's project in collaboration with the City of Wooster expands plant capacity while producing renewable energy and reducing operating expenses.
Find out more - watch the video on the right or read the article featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer
What is the Utility of the Future? Read the WEF, NACWA, WERF white paper.


What is Biomass?
  Biomass is biological material that can be used as a renewable energy source. Processing biomass using anaerobic digestion generates biogas which is composed of approximately 60% methane – the principle ingredient in natural gas.


Agricultural Biomass:

Manure from dairy cattle, hogs, chickens, and waste from crops can all be used as sources of biomass in quasar's process.


Municipal Waste Water Treatment Plant Biosolids:

At this moment, waste water treatment plants across the country are confronting necessary incinerator upgrades that could potentially cost taxpayers billions of dollars.  Incinerators burn energy.  quasar’s process would inexpensively address the same problem while recycling energy. 


Alcohol/Ethanol Biomass:

Leftover material from producing alcohol and ethanol is another source of biomass. Unlike other biofuels, such as ethanol and biodiesel, quasar's biogas does not play into the “food versus fuel” debate because it is generated from organic waste.


Industrial Food Biomass:

Waste from food manufacturers is an excellent source of biomass. Adding foodwaste to quasar's process can significantly increase a plant's biogas output.





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