The Earth's ecosystems are communities of plants, animals and smaller organisms that interact within an environment. Their balance is fragile and under constant threat from an ever growing human population.

As a nation, we are becoming ever more aware of the negative effects our actions have on our surrounding environment. As a company, quasar energy group's mission is to produce renewable energy from commercial and municipal organic biomass, while improving our environment.

Our facilities provide a "green" alternative to traditional waste management practices. By creating a closed loop, our systems help to balance the delicate ecosystems of American farms and cities. Our ecoFARMsystem and ecoCITYsystem produce renewable energy, encourage sustainable economic development and protect our environment.

Energy Economy Environment


Cleaner Air:

quasar's system eliminates the need for municipalities to incinerate their biosolids. Incineration sends polluting emissions into the air we breathe and generates ash which is landfilled. Anaerobic digestion significantly reduces odors around wastewater treatment plants, food processing facilities and farms - giving these operations the opportunity to act as a "good neighbor" to the community.


Carbon Credits:

Carbon credits are a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a world-wide scale. For cities, carbon credits generated by transitioning from incineration to anaerobic digestion as a waste management system can be used for economic development in a number of ways. For cities that are home to a large manufacturing industry, carbon credits could help businesses expand their operations while maintaining their carbon footprint. Carbon credits can also be used as a tool to attract new businesses anxious to settle in an environmentally conscious community.


Cleaner Water:

By using clean water technology, quasar's system can clean up water from our process to produce products such as concentrated fertilizer and potable (water fit for consumption by humans). Potable water can be discharged as groundwater, surface water, flush water, or in swimming pools, and/or drinking water.





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