President: Melvin R. Kurtz

Since 1971, Kurtz has founded, directed, and operated several businesses from start up to millions in annual sales through effective business planning, creative sales techniques, and innovative marketing. His accomplishments also include initiating well planned and executed acquisitions and mergers. Kurtz is currently the chief executive advisor for several corporations and leads the US industry for quasar energy group.


Chief Financial Officer: Steven Smith

Smith has 16 years of financial and operational experience in capacities ranging from Vice President to Chief Financial Officer.  Smith was formerly Vice-President of Finance for Next Media Operating, Co., a $750 million holding company specializing in the aggregation of out-of-home media.  Smith's responsibilities with quasarenergy group include operational financing, establishment of financing options for clients, the negotiations of primary and ancillary sales, and securing other financial options with regard to investors and grant development programs and incentives.


Chief Operating Officer: Clemens Halene

Halene is a German citizen and has been in the states since 1999.  He has held positions of Vice President of Engineering and Marketing to President.  He formerly held the position of President of Tekfor USA, which is a subsidiary of the worldwide Neumayer Group, a German-based global supplier of precision machined steel forgings with 2,200 employees worldwide.  The U.S. operation and manufacturing plant was started in 2001 to serve U.S. automotive customers. Halene left the automotive industry specifically to seek a new start in energy. Halene holds an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, from the Technical University of Karlsruhe, Germany.





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