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Phosphorus runoff from farms now has a solution . . . quasar introduces the PRS (Phosphorus Recovery System) in Ohio's Grand Lake St. Marys watershed on July 28, 2015.
OSU Laboratory Results Prove Phosphorus Removal - see the lab report
Wooster, Ohio: Virtually tour the Utility of the Future in action. quasar's project in collaboration with the City of Wooster expands plant capacity while producing renewable energy and reducing operating expenses.
Find out more - watch the video on the right or read the article featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer
What is the Utility of the Future? Read the WEF, NACWA, WERF white paper.



Barberton, Ohio - PPG Industries, Inc. Reclamation Project

Lime Lake 6: quasar has entered into a multi-year agreement to manage the Lime Lakes Reclamation project at PPG Industries’ Barberton, Ohio, plant. quasar and PPG have partnered together with the goal of accelerating the reclamation project while maintaining PPG’s commitment to environmental compliance and community relations. It is anticipated that the relationship will allow the lime lakes reclamation activities to be completed in half of the original schedule, by the end of 2016.

Preserving our Environment: For more than 70 years, PPG produced soda ash to make plate glass at the Barberton plant. The liquid and solid wastes were pumped from the soda ash operation into six ponds covering more than 600 acres. The result of the historically accepted practice created “lime lakes,” where the fine-grained spoil is too alkaline and lacks nutrients to support vegetation.

Since 1985, OEPA approved biosolids have been mixed on site with the lime spoil to create a stable soil matrix that supports long-term vegetation growth and wildlife habitat. PPG has won numerous awards for its reclamation efforts, including national certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Renewable Energy: This year, quasar is evaluating the possibility of building a F550 anaerobic digestion renewable energy plant in Barberton. The F550 will be able to accept organic waste from waste water treatment facilities, food processors, and agricultural producers while providing clean, renewable energy that can be sold regionally. This renewable energy initiative will invest in Ohio’s economy while creating a cleaner environment.

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