WHAT IS quasar?

A quasar is an abundant energy source, an extremely distant object with energy output several thousand times that of our galaxy.

quasar is one word that describes the potential of the biomass waste-to-energy industry. We are presented with an abundant opportunity to produce energy from readily available biomass sources (food waste, manure, biosolids, crop waste). As our population continues to grow, so does our demand for energy and our need to dispose of waste. quasar technology is a solution to this challenge.

quasar - a huge opportunity for America's energy - economy - environment (EEE)
Energy: quasar systems produce biogas that can be used as electricity and thermal heat, natural gas or CNG (compressed natural gas).
Economy   quasar biomass waste-to-energy systems have enormous potential to create American jobs in an industry of the future. Our systems use US components manufactured by a vast and growing supply chain of skilled workers.
Environment:   quasar systems reduce greenhouse gas emissions, divert waste from landfills, and contribute to cleaner air, water and soil.
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